Laurel Mountain Volunteers

January 13, 2016

Forbes is a big state forest and the Laurel Mountain Volunteers are a big and active group of enthusiastic stewards of the forest’s recreational amenities.

There are ten recreational groups that represent hundreds of members and over 100 non group affiliated volunteers who help to maintain a trail system that covers 22,000 acres of state forest land. At the beginning of each year, representatives of the various user groups meet to identify priorities and select project goals. They schedule four work days a year, starting in April and ending in October; however, some volunteers work throughout the year.

The majority of the work days consist of resurfacing or reinforcing sections of trails worn out from use and natural erosion; but they also clear brush, perform trash and litter pickups, clean culverts and ditches, install steps on steep trail sections, and blaze trails—which keeps the group very busy!


Ed Callahan, District Forester
Telephone: 814.629.6449

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