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Questionable grammar aside, You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania was one of the most popular tourism slogans in the state’s history. And we know that Pennsylvania’s state parks and state forests have a friend in you!

Like all good friendships, these vital public lands rely on your willingness to defend them against threats and injury, and your ability to do that depends on your access to good, current information and effective ways to act.

We encourage you to join us, subscribe to our weekly eBlast for alerts on current events and issues in the state parks and forests and bookmark this page for immediate access to ways to make your voice heard in support of the state parks and forests.

Without you, there may truly be no one to hear it if a tree falls in our forests.

Download The State of the Parks and Forests report.

Fact Sheets and Infographics

The Economics of the Outdoors infographic
Economic Benefits
Health Benefits
Quality of Life
It Takes a Village (supporting the Parks & Forests Needs List)
The Value of Trees