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Photo Contest 2019

And voting time is here!

You may vote one time for a photo. The photo with the most votes in each category will be the People’s Choice winner in that category. The photo with the most votes overall will be the People’s Choice Best in Show. Simple, right? Yes, and the simplest part of the process.

This is our first (and potentially last) year of using this contest method. While it was somewhat easier on the back end for us to administer and it didn’t give people as much difficulty on the front end as we feared (except for phone users), the voting process IS a little wonky.

First, the photos do NOT easily stay sorted into categories for voting so that’s very different from years past. You can easily sort them for VIEWING by clicking the category dropdown and viewing the thumbnails or clicking on the first photo in the sorted category and scrolling through.

If you are viewing the contest on your phone you MUST sort them by “Newest” or “Oldest” or all of the photos in a category will NOT display. You can choose a “random” sort if you’re just spending some time looking at beautiful photos.

Clicking on a photo will open it for voting; clicking the “little house” home button will return you to the gallery view. And you’ll notice that once you vote for a photo you’ll need to click the home button to continue. And start the process again.

And don’t forget to check out the Critics’ Choice winners (and their other entries as well). A vote for these won’t count in the contest but you can feel free to register your appreciation of them! To see the names and winning photographers, click on Gallery at the top of any webpage and view the entire selection.

One disclaimer: A photographer may ONLY win in one category so if by some chance a photographer claims the most votes in more than one, we reserve the right to make a determination internally in which category to award the prize.

Voting closes on Wednesday, September 18.

Good luck to everyone!

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Contest is finished!
Title: Pinchot Perfect
Author: Ramchand Mynedi
Votes: ?

Category: Park & Forest Adventures
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