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Leah Morgan Vogel


Do you remember that feeling of weightlessness as you flew through the air on a swing? Do you recall the sensation of flying as you came down the slide, or the sense of accomplishment when you overcame your fear and made it to the top of the jungle gym?

Playground equipment is something no park should be without. Yet, in too many of our state parks, the equipment is slowly decaying, or never existed. As a committed member of Pennsylvania’s outdoor enthusiasts, I’m sure you not only understand the value of play but embrace it.

We at the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation and our Friends Groups are breathing new life into playgrounds at parks across the state. From new swings to entire new playground systems, we are determined to make sure our parks have all of the amenities expected by the nearly 38 million visitors each year.

In memory of Leah Vogel, great niece of Foundation president Marci Mowery and the Foundation’s poster model during our campaign to keep parks open in 2009, the Foundation established the Leah Vogel Memorial Playground Fund. The Fund built its first playground at Sam Lewis State Park in July 2012. Overall, more than 15 playgrounds have been erected by friends groups! But there is still more to be done.

Help us bring play to children young and old across the state by supporting the Leah Vogel Memorial Playground Fund. Your generous contribution will support playgrounds across the state, including at the following parks:

Bald Eagle


Benjamin Rush

Black Moshannon

Blue Knob

Canoe Creek


Clear Creek


Colonel Denning

Cook Forest

Cowans Gap

Fort Washington

Fowlers Hollow

Frances Slocum

Gifford Pinchot

Greenwood Furnace

Hickory Run

Kettle Creek

Kinzua Bridge


Linn Run

Little Buffalo

Locust Lake

Lyman Run

Maurices K. Goddard

McConnells Mill


Mont Alto


Mt. Pisgah


Nolde Forest


Oil Creek

Ole Bull

Pine Grove Furnace

Promised Land



R.B. Winter

Raccoon Creek


Ridley Creek

Ryerson Station

Sand Bridge


Trough Creek

Whipple Dam

Worlds End

Yellow Creek





Construction of Leah’s Playground at Samuel S. Lewis State Park was a hands-on affair.


Once is NOT enough! The Friends of Prince Gallitzin have installed two playgrounds in their park.


The Friends of Parker Dam traveled to Maryland in a snowstorm to pick up their playground equipment but sunny days resulted from its installation.


The Friends of Keystone know that a beach and a playground are an unbeatable combination.

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