Anti-Graffiti Campaign

The Truth About Graffiti

The Truth About Graffiti (click to access a larger version)

We’ve learned many lessons through the efforts of the Stewards of Penn’s Woods Graffiti Busters, and have three very important takeaways from their work thus far. First, the removal of graffiti is time and labor intensive. Second, graffiti often attracts other negative behavior that creates an unsafe environment for visitors. Third, graffiti impacts all of us by removing the enjoyment of a place either through safety concerns or visual blight. There are certain inescapable facts about graffiti on Pennsylvania’s public lands – chief among them that it is illegal. Period.

While we continue to remove graffiti and monitor our public lands, we know that the only way to combat graffiti in the long run is through a program of education and community involvement. If the presence of graffiti and litter and illegal fire rings and other evidence of bad behavior on our public lands troubles you as much as it does our Graffiti Busters, consider taking a few steps.

We truly believe that by and by attitudes about this destructive practice can be changed.