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From the Chapter Handbook that contains governance materials to trackers and fact sheets, sample documents and suggestions, this Resources page is intended to help PPFF chapters (and other volunteer organizations) manage their daily lives. Something missing? Get in touch with Pam Metzger from the Foundation and let us do our best to provide the tools that help you!

Chapter Handbook and Required Forms

The Handbook is your best resource for information on forming and managing the chapter. It contains the financial policies and processes you must follow. Forms referenced in the Handbook can be downloaded separately.

Annual Report and Supporting Documents

Each December, the annual report required to be filed by each chapter can be found here in both Excel and pdf form. The Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statements must be filed by each chapter board member every year in order for your board to be covered by directors and officers liability insurance and your Chapter to remain in good standing. New for 2019, the Annual Report can be completed through SurveyMonkey. Give it a try and see if it is a little easier. If not, a PDF created through Survey Monkey is linked below as well. It has a different format from previous years. Can we try an experiment?

Deposit Tracker Materials

This spreadsheet looks complicated – no question! However, if you use it regularly when year-end reporting time arrives it will have done all the math you need for the financial pages of the annual report. Get in touch with Pam for a little lesson on making it work. It’s really magic!

Membership Program

  • Chapter Membership Guide (Check out additional samples under Helpful Samples) (9/15/20: Please note these documents do NOT link. Technical problem. Contact Pam for documents!)
  • Membership spreadsheet
  • Merged membership card
  • Handwritten membership card
  • Welcome letter
  • Renewal letter
  • Membership form

Administrative Documents


  • Get Healthy in the Outdoors (pdf) and (jpg)
  • Get Healthy in the Outdoors (Spanish) (pdf) and (jpg)
  • Volunteering & Me (pdf) and (jpg)
  • Year of the Trees/Value of Trees (pdf) and (jpg)
  • #PracticeSafeRec (English) (pdf) and (jpg)
  • #PracticeSafeRec (Spanish) (pdf) and (jpg)


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