A lovely and growing event for the Friends of Nolde Forest and the Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center is the Nature of Nolde Forest student art contest. Organizer Russell Slocum shared photos of the recently concluded event and noted that participation was 21 local area schools this (up from 16 last year). The gallery of winners is on display from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm at Mr. Slocum’s Art Plus Gallery in Reading.

All photos by Blair Seitz. Read about the event – and all the winners – in the press release.

First grader John Frantz, Mifflin Park Elementary, accepts his award from Karen Weber and Russell Slocum, of Art Plus Gallery

“Forest Floor”, by Mifflin Park Elementary second grader Gianna Joffred, swept up a second prize

Gianna Joffred’s colorful watercolor resist earned an award from Art Plus Gallery’s Russ Slocum along with applause from the audience

Amity Elementary fifth grader Kaden Schiel accepts his award from Russ Slocum and the applause from the crowd for his 3-D marker and pencil rendering of the spotted lanternfly

Governor Mifflin 11th grader Kailyn Williams holds her artistically outstanding, environmentally proactive study of the spotted lanternfly



Dixie Miller’s photo, “Taking on the Trail,” earned the Tulpehocken 12th grader a Staff Choice Award

Amanda Fonseca’s colorful oil painting took first place in the highly competitive Grade 11 & 12 category. Amanda is an 11th grader at Muhlenberg High School

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2017 Nature of Nolde Showcases Local Student Art – Beautifully!