Special Funding Initiatives

Every once in a while a special project or problem to be solved arises and PPFF members and friends are asked to mobilize in support of the cause. Much like a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign, these special funding initiatives are meant to be socially directed and quickly {successfully} concluded.

Sometimes the conclusion takes a little longer and if you can help them succeed or make them go classically viral, check out these worthy projects.

Accessible Recreation. For ADA boating and fishing docks to specialized equipment for their use, the PPFF Outdoors for Everyone campaign is an ongoing effort to raise money for accessibility in our state parks and forests. Find out more on the project webpage.  (

Boyd Big Tree Conservation Area dog-friendly water fountain. Boyd Big Tree near Harrisburg is a popular dog-walking spot. But if you know Dauphin County, you know that Susquehanna Valley can get a little humid. Fido needs a fountain! (

Wilderness Wheels. We’ve found that sometimes all that stands between a school, youth, or senior group and their neighboring state park or forest is a way to get there. Wilderness Wheels is our pilot program to breach that barrier. Find out more at the Wilderness Wheels page of the website.  (