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Pinchot State Forest
photo by Colin Xu

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May 21st is Kids to Parks Day and this month's paint by number by Melodie Schwartz-Higgins makes it Kids to Kayak Day. Based on photographer Scott Hafer's shot from Kettle Creek State Park, this refreshing image will have you anxious to put your boat in the water, too. ...

Saturday plans, anyone?
Enjoy the warm weather and join us at Taste of Pennsylvania Wine & Music Festival at the York Memorial Park Complex tomorrow.

Stop by our tent to say hi! We've got games, prizes, and ideas about how you can have a great summer visiting our state parks and forests🌳🍷

What better time to profess your ❤️ for PA's parks and forests than PA State Parks and Forests Week?! Yes, an official week dedicated to the spaces we love most!

One way to join in the fun is to capture your outdoor adventures and volunteerism in PA's parks and forests on video. 📽️Record. 🖼️Share. 🏷️Tag @paparksandforests #️⃣ Add #GetMovingPA and #GetInMotionPA so we can find you! To learn more, check out the #GetMovingPA LINK IN OUR BIO!

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It's International Museum Day and, no, you won't find guest blogger Christian Alexandersen poolside. Instead he extols the virtues of the learning to be found in our state parks. #ExplorePAParks ...

Tuesday's Tip! Have you considered switching out that plastic bottle for a stainless steel or aluminum one? Aluminum water bottles keep water cool for longer periods and are built to last. Yeah, that's right, those VSCO kids were on to something! On average, stainless steel bottles can last up to 10 to 12 years, which is considerably longer than the recommended use time for an aluminum or reusable plastic bottle.

Any other useful hydration tips for enjoying and exploring our PA parks and forests?

#TipTuesday #adventure #outdoors

Be a voice!

This day of I Love My State Parks Week calls for action! Follow the LINK IN OUR BIO to let your legislators know how important PA's parks and forests are to you.


Share with us... What was your most memorable experience in a Pennsylvania state park?


Student volunteer Abbey knows that calm can come from bee balm. The Bee Balm plant is a part of the mint family. It can also be referred to as Bergamot, Oswego Tea, and Crimson Bee Balm. Bee Balm has and can be used for medicinal purposes, first utilized by the Oswego Native Americans. Bee Balm attracts garden visitors such as Hummingbirds, Bees, Butterflies, and Moths. Given the name, the Bee Balm plant is one of the bumblebee’s favorite plants.

Bee Balm grows to be 2-4 feet in height. They thrive with sunshine and rich, moist soil. Depending on the species of Bee Balm, when blooming, the perennial has a scarlet red or fuschia flower that is collared by reddish or pink bracts. You can expect to start seeing these perennials bloom in June through August. Photo credit: Bill DuPree #Wildflower #ExplorePAParksandForests

From improved mood and focus, to reduced blood pressure and anxiety, time spent outdoors enjoying the state parks has many health and wellness benefits! What physical, mental, and emotional health benefits have you experienced from spending time outdoors?

Learn more by visiting:


Share with us your recent nature discoveries in PA's parks!
Did you check another species off your bird list? Recently learn something new while exploring the forest? Discover an insect or salamander you never saw before?


What PA state park are you most looking forward to visiting next? Is there an outdoor adventure calling your name? Are you close to getting that final stamp in your PA State Parks and State Forests Passport?! Share with us the goals you most anticipate in honor of today's theme of I Love My State Parks Week!


#ILOVEPASTATEPARKSWEEK progresses and the love is growing! Blogger Christian Alexandersen gives his 25 Reasons Why You Should Love Pennsylvania's State Parks. How do they match up to yours? Leave your comments below.

A BIG THANK YOU to Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources park and forest staff, PPFF Friends Groups, and fellow volunteers all around the state! The theme of this day of I Love My State Parks Week is appreciation and that is exactly what we feel for the many helping hands out there that make the state parks and forests amazing places to recreate! Thank you! 🥰


From Indigenous pathways to the Underground Railroad and days of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Pennsylvania's history can be traced back through remnants found in the state's parks and forests.

As we celebrate #heritage this day of #ILoveMyStateParksWeek, learn more about the history of PA's parks and forests and our conservation heritage at


Today, we celebrate Mother's Day as well as the kick off of I Love My State Parks Week! What are your most cherished memories from time spent in PA's state parks? Does your family have a favorite park or outdoor activity that you're looking forward to this year?


As we kick off #LoveMyStateParksWeek tomorrow, Why I Love Pennsylvania's State Parks is Christian Alexandersen's latest guest blog on the PPFF News page. "The state parks flicked a switch in my heart and soul." Right on, Christian! @CRAWriter ...

Join PPFF in celebrating the first-ever "I Love My State Parks Week", May 8 -15!

One way to join in the fun is to capture your outdoor adventures and volunteerism in PA's parks and forests on video.
📽️Record. 🖼️Share. 🏷️Tag @paparksandforests #️⃣ Add #GetMovingPA and #GetInMotionPA so we can find you!

To learn more, check out the #GetMovingPA and I Love My State Park Week LINKs IN OUR BIO! We hope to see you out and about showing your ❤️ for PA's parks and forests!

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In honor of National Wildflower Week, we give a nod to the Nodding Onion, a native Pennsylvania Wildflower. The Nodding Onion has a 1-2 foot leafless stalk with a cluster of flowers that leans towards the ground at the top. The cluster of flowers are usually pink or white. Not surprisingly, the perennial has a mild to pungent smell of onion.

The Nodding Onion tends to bloom in the summer months. It starts to die off in the fall and the flowers leave behind decorative seeds. The plant does best being planted in groups with moist soil and plenty of sun.


The Friends of White Clay Creek announced that energetic Vice Chair and volunteer Gary Kirk has been recognized by neighboring Delaware as Volunteer of the Year. The White Clays (PA and DE) know no boundaries and Gary knows no "no" when it comes to helping out. Congratulations! ...

A reminder never hurts - especially if you are the itchy type. Separate fact from fiction with this slideshow from WebMD. ...