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Pinchot State Forest
photo by Colin Xu

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📷Tiffany Raeburn - Nescopeck State Park

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📷Jennifer McKinney - Cook Forest

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📷Bridget Casteel - MK Goddard State Park

Have you heard the story behind the Judge's Choice winner of PPFF's 2022 Photo Contest👇

For this winning shot, Jeffrey Sidle was in a boat ramp at Promised Land State Park, glassing the water and shoreline with binoculars, when he spotted an otter a long way away, up out of the water on a log, eating a fish. It was late afternoon, and the sun was starting to fade. He knew if he was going to get any photos, he needed to get much closer.

He drove up to the entrance to the campground, parked, grabbed his gear, and headed back toward the shoreline. Now he saw there were two otters. But they were swimming away from him! Still, he stayed in the woods and patiently made his way to an opening just as the otters turned and headed back, passing right in front of him! The otters were separated, and he couldn't get them both in one frame with his telephoto lens, but focusing on the closest one rewarded him with an image that will always make him proud!

Jeffrey Sidle takes advantage of Promised Land SP as often as possible. Whether kayaking in the lakes, hiking the trails, driving the roads, or attending programs put on by the park staff, something always catches his eye or his curiosity.

He saw his first otters in the wild at the park, and they are always on his watch list.

Several years ago, he attended the park's educational program about otters. At the end of the lecture, participants headed out to the lake shore to try and find an otter. To his amazement, within about 5 minutes, they saw an otter on the far side of the cove. It swam across the water, found a stump with enough space to climb on, and gave everyone a great show! Two years later, a similar appearance of an otter happened again after another park otter program.

He doesn’t know if it is karma or if he and the otters have some connection, but he’s thrilled to see them thriving in their environment occasionally!

#PPFFReflections #WorldEnvironmentalEducationDay #EnvironmentalEducation #PPFFPhotoContest

😍This incredible story is what it's all about. #EnvironmentalEducation changes lives!

"Here is my story about camping at Worlds End State Park. I don't remember the exact year, but it was the early 2000's when my son, Drew, was in his early and middle teens. My brother and I camped at the tent campground for 5 or 6 consecutive years with whatever children we could convince to come along. My son was always with us, and he learned to appreciate and love the outdoors. We each had our tent. Drew soon learned that a rainfly was important and used a garbage bag instead😅

Upon arrival and after camp set up, one of the first things we did was to look at the schedule for programs at the campground amphitheater. Over the years, we attended many of Ms. Swift's educational programs. One we remember was when she made Bee Balm tea, and we were able to sample the tea. It's always been a program we remember fondly! I went home and planted some Bee balm, and we enjoyed it in our backyard.

We always watched the July meteor shower from the car parking lot during that time. Today, my son has incredible knowledge of constellations.

Since then, Drew has graduated with several degrees. He has been a National Park Interpretive Ranger, led camping expeditions for children and climbed many mountains in Colorado, New Hampshire and New York. He is an environmental advocate.

It all started at WESP! He proudly wears his WESP tee shirt and says that it's his favorite of all the places he's been! Thank you, Jane!!!" - Julie

There are programs at #paparks and #paforests near you!

#PPFFReflections #EnvironmentalEducationDay

"I participated in the Kings Gap Trail Challenge this year and learned about different trees, plants, and animals while hiking the trails. I completed the Trail Challenge and gained experience and confidence in hiking the trails there. So much so that I am volunteering as a group hike sweep or a group hike leader there." - Kendra

#EnvironmentalEducation programs build confidence and create opportunity! A program at a state park or forest is a great way to discover a new hobby!

#PPFFReflections #EnvironmentalEducationDay

"We did an eagle encounter at Promised Land a couple of years ago. It was great to be so close to such an amazing creature!" - Krista

#EnvironmentalEducation provides opportunities to connect with the natural world safely. There are programs at #PAParks and #PAforests near you!

#EnvironmentalEducationDay #PPFFReflections

"I grew up at Cowans Gap. My Grandfather was part of the (Civilian Conservation Corps) CCC that helped to build Cowans Gap State Park. Growing up, I heard many stories of their experiences. All of our state parks are priceless testament to them. I have a cabin at Cowans Gap and share stories with my children and grandchildren so the legacy may continue." - Doug

#PAParks and #PAForests are home to #history and #heritage. Historical programs at state parks and forests can help you develop your sense of place and imagine life at another time.

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#winter is a great time to pick up #birdwatching! Check out our YouTube Channel for videos on birdwatching and feeding. 🔗 LINK in BIO!!!

📷 Shout-out to Fran Bires for the stunning photo of a bluebird at MK Goddard State Park 👏
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Did you know that squirrels are tree planters? #squirrelappreciationday

They are nature's gardeners. Squirrels seek out seeds as a food source and then bury/cache them for later consumption. As they move about, they forget where quite a few of these caches are, and the seeds are left to grow🌱 Thanks for keeping #Paforests healthy and thriving for future generations #squirrels👏
📷Carolyn Anderson - Keystone State Park

If the weather gets colder, there are many opportunities for #icefishing at #paparks and #paforests. Just remember... ...