Privacy Policy

The following outlines the guiding principles and some of the details around our privacy policy. Our guiding principle regarding our relationship with you is to treat you and your information with respect. We appreciate your trust and strive to always respect and honor that trust with the careful handling of your personal information.

Our Website

We invite you to browse our website completely anonymously. We don’t collect any personally identifiable information about guests to our website. For the purposes of improving our website and measuring its effectiveness, we do collect some common information about your visit. Standard Internet technology on our site collects some of the following:

  • Your IP address – This is the IP address being used by your computer or your Internet Service Provider to identify your computer as a unique address on the Internet.
  • Information about your web browser – We collect information about your browser to make sure we are properly creating and testing our website content. Information collected may include: date and time of your visit, browser version and add-on information, screen resolution and other similar types of data.
  • Browsing patterns – As you access our site, we keep track of which pages you see and other standard information about your visit. None of this information is personally identifiable or used to track anything about you individually.

None of the above information is linked to any of your personal information and none is identifiable individually. We use this data in aggregate to help us understand the effectiveness of our website.

Personal Information

If you choose to become a member or otherwise join an area on our website such as mailing lists, we do gather and track some personal information about you that is appropriate to the task. You may choose to volunteer your name, address, email address or telephone number in conjunction with your membership purchase or other purposes on our website.

We hold this information in strict confidence and do not disclose any personally identifiable information you provide for any purpose other than to fulfill your membership or provide you with a service you requested.

We will not, under any circumstances, sell, trade or distribute your personally identifiable information outside our organization.

Financial Information

When you provide us with credit card information or any other information to complete a financial transaction, you do so over a secure Internet connection. Your financial information is transmitted securely to our payment processor in order to complete your transaction. We do not have access to your complete credit card number nor do we store it on any of our systems.

Other Information

Any other information we collect from you is used for the purposes of improving our services, our website or our overall programs. We take your trust seriously.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, about any information we have on file for you, or any other privacy concerns, please email us at [email protected].