We need to act now!


There is no consensus in Harrisburg on how to pay for the 2017-2018 buget and now transfers from special funds are seriously being considered.


What does this mean for all of us? It means that the Keystone Fund, Growing Greener, Environmental Stewardship Fund, and Farmland Preservation are all in jeopardy of being raided. This is a worst-case scenario, one we must fight. These funds protect open space, create community recreation, and invest in our parks and forests.


The budget cannot be balanced on the back of the environment.


Please call the Harrisburg offices of your state representative and senator and the Governor, right now, and urge them to oppose transfers from the Keystone Fund, Growing Greener, or Farmland Preservation to balance the budget.


Get on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and spread the mesage that these funds msut be protected. Tag your legislators – let them know you are watching what happens. #SaveOurParksandForests #PA Budget


The fact is our leaders in Harrisburg must do more to protect the environment, not less.

Thank you!

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