The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation operates under the following values:

* Integrity * Conservation * Excellence * Diversity * Innovation *
* Inclusion * Collaboration * Sustainability

We have as our motto, “A place and an experience for everyone in the outdoors.”

Recent events lay heavy in our hearts. We cannot remain quiet on these events and the ingrained racism they have once again exposed, as quiet may be misconstrued as acceptance.

Racial injustice is wrong and in direct opposition to the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation’s values and principles. We believe that differences make us stronger, not weaker. When one remains open to differences, growth happens. We don’t fear growth.

We know that we have work to do to ensure a place and an experience for everyone and that difficult conversations lay ahead. We are committed to celebrating diversity and ensuring safety of users and visitors to our parks and forests.

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A Note from Marci on PPFF’s Values