It’s hard to believe that ‘the season’ is about to kick in—where did these first five months of the ‘new’ year go? We’ve been busy at the Foundation…perhaps it is true when they say that ‘time flies when you are having fun!”

We bid a sad farewell to our two spring interns—Ericka (York College) and R.J. (Shippensburg) who provided invaluable service supporting the Conservation Heritage Project. If you would like to see the fruits of their labor, visit Intern Carla will begin in June, and will continue building the conservation heritage project, as well as assist us on a new endeavor—gateway communities. You’ll need to check back to learn more about that soon!

Perhaps you joined us at one of the many Photo Gallery Showcases. There will be one more chance to see the 2014 images before they are retired to make room for the 2015 winners. Come and see the 2014 show at Shank’s Mare Art & Outdoor Fest on August 1; check out the guidelines for 2015 entries. And right now we’re asking for your nominations for one of our 100 Icons of Summer. We want to gather images and memories of the 100 things people dream of most when they close their eyes and picture their perfect state park or forest getaway. The top 100 will be featured on our Facebook page from June 21 through September 28.

Have a new elected official or want to let your current ones know how important parks and forests are to the economy? Consider introducing yourself and sharing a set of fact sheets, letting them know how much you appreciate our park and forest system, and the need to conserve it for future generations.

Health Benefits Fact Sheet
Economics Fact Sheet
Quality of Life Fact Sheet

Just how much DO you love your state parks and forests? Let us know! We are always interested in hearing your stories.

Yours in the Outdoors,
Marci Mowery,
President Pennsylvania Parks and Forests

P.S. Betcha Didn’t Know! Click HERE to watch a video about some unusual things that you may not know about state parks & what they have to offer.

P.P.S. Its great to be free! Click HERE to watch a video celebrating how wonderful it is to be able to enjoy PA state parks absolutely free.

We encourage your feedback, stories, and enthusiasm.

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