Like the classic forester in your mind, Mark lives and breathes TREES. And thanks largely to his efforts with the Crawford County Conservation District, almost 100,000 trees are living and breathing as part of the Riparian Restoration project at the District. Each year, 500 students from every high school in Crawford County comes together to restore plantings along (at last count) 20 miles of streamside buffer areas along 30 different streams.

These riparian buffers are helping to control erosion, teach the students about the connection between water quality and the land surrounding the water course, and demonstrating concrete results for a new generation of concerned Pennsylvanians. Mark has also helped to develop the Crawford County Big Trees program documenting the big beautiful specimens found throughout the county, including the beautiful 243′ white oak he is standing next to here. Landowners love him. Students love him. The trees love him. We would be experiencing a very different “Penns Woods” were it not for the commitment of our dedicated foresters.

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Every Day Above and Beyond: Mark Lewis