Anyone who’s ever done an administrative job knows the frustration of being called “just a secretary.” For the TOO MANY state parks who are already operating without a full-time administrative assistant to answer phones and questions, greet visitors and direct them to their fun of choice and be the first line of contact with the public, someone like Tracy is a gift. She works normally at Parker Dam/SB Elliott but not so long ago she took on similar duties at Bendigo/Kinzua Bridge – more than 60 very rural miles away – when the former AA moved to a new job. That the Bendigo/Kinzua Bridge operation was moving into new quarters at Kinzua Bridge meant that the usual level of activity was amplified. But Tracy’s calm and knowledgeable presence meant the rest of staff could concentrate on the move, secure in the understanding that Things Were Being Handled. So, what if there’s no one to be the Face of your favorite state park or forest when you walk in the door?

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Every Day Above and Beyond: Tracy Cutler