Camp Hill, PA –The Pennsylvania Conservation Heritage, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation, the Pennsylvania Forestry Association, and the Center for Land Use and Sustainability at Shippensburg University, released the latest story map, Forest Legacy Trail. The story map is available on the Pennsylvania Conservation Heritage website
The Forest Legacy Trail story map explores the history of Pennsylvania’s forests from William Penn’s conservation goals to European explorers’ discovery of the impressive forests for industrial use to current issues facing our forests. It serves as both storyboard and tool for exploring Pennsylvania—from fire towers to iron furnaces to museum—the story map takes you on a journey throughout Pennsylvania.
The conservation history of Pennsylvania tells a cyclical narrative of environmental degradation of our rich resource and the more hopeful story of the far-reaching visions of conservation leaders and the passage of policies enacted to protect our resources. This is a story of citizens who overwhelmingly banded together, sportsmen, families and concerned communities, to protect our air, land and water, and to preserve our rich conservation legacy for future generations.
“Pennsylvania has a rich conservation heritage,” said Marci Mowery, President of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation and member of the Conservation Heritage Project advisory team. “Understanding that history is critical in making decisions for future generations.”
Pennsylvania Forestry Association President Richard Lewis noted, “This interactive highly visual program is a fun and user friendly way to learn about the wonderful conservation heritage that has evolved in Pennsylvania starting with Penn’s Woods in 1861 and continuing to the present.”
This is the fourth story map produced by the Conservation Heritage Project in partnership with the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation. Others focus on the 125 year history of our state parks and forests, the story of Mira Lloyd Dock, and pivotal moments in conservation history.
“These beautiful story maps are a way to engage the public in Pennsylvania’s conservation history, and empower them to engage in building the future of our public lands,” said Dr. Claire Jantz, director of the Center for Land Use and Sustainability at Shippensburg University.
The story maps, along with a wealth of resources to better understand the conservation heritage of Pennsylvania, can be found at

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