A green logo shows an illustrated face of Bobb Ross surrounded by pine trees and the words "Run for the Trees - happy little 5k"

The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation is excited to announce participation in the Run for the Trees – Happy Little 5K, inspired by the legendary Bob Ross. Registration is now open for this event, allowing participants to complete their 5K outdoors, anytime between April 22-28, 2024. Proceeds from the event registration will go towards planting trees in Pennsylvania state parks and forests.

The Happy Little 5K originated five years ago as part of the “Happy Little Trees” program, a collaboration between Bob Ross Inc. and volunteers in Michigan. Initially focused on planting “happy little trees” to combat invasive pests and tree diseases, the program has evolved to include the popular Run for the Trees and has expanded into several other states and countries. In its first year in Pennsylvania, the Happy Little 5K expands its impact to unite in raising awareness and funds for stewardship initiatives in state parks across the commonwealth.

Joan Kowalski, President of Bob Ross Company, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “The official Bob Ross 5K is probably our most favorite initiative. It perfectly encapsulates everything Bob held dear—nature, environmental care, and, of course, happy trees. He would have been pleased to see its global popularity. And, we particularly love PA because that’s where Bob’s beloved wife, Jane, was born and raised.”

Registered participants will receive a Happy Little tshirt, a commemorative bib number, and a finisher’s medal, which will ship after April 1, in time for the virtual event. Proceeds from the race will contribute to tree planting and forest protection initiatives in Pennsylvania state parks and forests.

“We are very excited to join our colleagues from other states in this fun opportunity to connect the aesthetic appeal of the natural world with planting of trees,” said Marci Mowery, President of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation. “Trees provide many benefits to both the natural and human world. When we plant trees, we invest in future generations.”

To learn more about the program and register for the race, visit RunSignup.com/HappyLittleTrees and select ‘Pennsylvania’ in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the registration. Join us in celebrating nature, community, and the joy of happy little trees.

“Happy Little Trees is a great team building and group exercise, as participation is virtual and can be done anywhere a group is located,” Mowery adds.


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Run for the Trees – Happy Little 5k Sprints into Pennsylvania