Stagnant. That’s what Representative Jim Christiana of the 15th district has called YOUR Pennsylvania state parks. He’s the author of one of two bills that are making their rapid way through the lower chamber – HB 2013 (Representative Brian Ellis) and HB 2188 (Representative Christiana’s own).  These bills aim to radically alter the landscape, both figuratively and literally, of Pennsylvania’s public lands.

Read President Marci’s comments on HB 2013 as presented to the House Tourism & Recreational Development Committee earlier this week. We’re crafting additional comments and gearing up to make sure office buildings, water parks, golf courses, and other noncompatible uses do not find their way into our parks.

Agree with us? Contact your legislator and express your opposition to the bills. They are moving fast. Visit the General Assembly’s website and Find My Legislator along the left side of the home page.

And stay tuned for more information!

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Stagnant? Not by a long shot!