Below are needs that have been met thanks to contributors like you!

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202208 generator and lights cornplanter

Cornplanter State Forest

A new generator and task lighting helps staff keep working

Ricketts Glen ADA Fishing Pier

This pier at Ricketts Glen is but one of the ADA fishing amenities funded by the Fish Foundation

Gallitzin State Forest

A substantial bridge over Laurel Run is an important connector for the shared use trail system

Blue Knob State Park

A generous anonymous donation helped to fund a gorgeous new playground for the park. The kids will swarm this one!

buchanan chimney before and after

Buchanan State Forest

Picnic time in the Buchanan State Forest. Beautiful place for cooking.

20160604 141904 e1614447098719

Canoe Creek State Park

The Friends of Canoe Creek met an important goal for the park - a playground near the beach.

rei and friends of canoe creek 2020 scaled

Canoe Creek State Park

Doesn't every park and forest need tree plantings? Basically, yes! Some has been taken care of at the Canoe Creek day use area; there's always room for more trees!

bikes from rei

Canoe Creek and Trough Creek State Parks

A grant from REI purchased bikes for rangers at these two parks

delaware canal electric bike

Delaware Canal State Park

Your donations to PPFF for Delaware Canal State Park just improved visitor safety and trail maintenance through the acquisition of two RAD electric bikes.

elk state forest trail mower e1613594709948

Elk State Forest

Turning your donations into improved trails in Elk State Forest with the acquisition of this special mower.

lick hollow forbes trees

Forbes State Forest

The Lick Hollow Picnic Area is a local seasonal favorite. New trees lining the road to the bottom of the hollow add a great touch.

20191001 ccc blue hole sign2

Forbes State Forest

The Blue Hole division boasts CCC era construction; interpretive signage now tells the story of the camp located there and showcases a renovated water course they built.

summer wharton furnace with logo scaled e1613416615202

Forbes State Forest

The Wharton Iron Furnace in the Forbes is a quiet place to visit

Fowlers Hollow State Park

Tree plantings in 2020 (the Year of the Trees) beautified the park

keystone flower box rebuilt

Keystone State Park

The contact station has a distinctive planting bed at the park. Now it's once again shaped like the keystone it is!

kooser mighty oak pavilion

Kooser State Park

The Mighty Oak Pavilion is mighty once more since renovations to its chimney. Picnic time!

20200810 lackawanna state park paved trail

Lackawanna State Park

It's easy to roll along the newly repaved trail.

lackawanna dock light e1613577352349

Lackawanna State Park

Anglers and paddlers can now more safely exit the lake at Lackawanna State Park thanks to the acquisition of a solar light funded by the Overlook Estate Foundation.

restored lhht chimney crop scaled e1613577756805

Laurel Ridge State Park

Rehabilitation of chimneys and fireboxes at eight Adirondack shelters

little buffalo kayak launch

Little Buffalo State Park

Local community support was high and the Little Buffalo ADA dock is a popular addition to the park.

2021 playground complete and being used

Lyman Run State Park

The Friends of Lyman Run celebrated a huge achievement with completion of their playground project in 2021. Happy kids, happy Friends!

mcconnells mill signage

McConnells Mill State Park

New interpretive signage tells the story of how the Mill worked

breakneck falls trail improvements

McConnells Mill State Park

The trail to Breckneck Falls was made substantially safer with a new surface

sean cornell facebook interpretive signs hammond rock

Michaux State Forest

As you see elsewhere in this website, graffiti removal at Michaux's Hammonds (and Buzzards) Rocks was a gigantic undertaking. The call went out and the need was met.

Nockamixon State Park

The pride and joy of the Tohickon launch area is an accessible recreation area featuring a Board Safe accessible kayak launch. The Friends of Nockamixon worked hard to meet this need.

chickadee nature area

Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center

The Friends of Nolde Forest were able to raise the funds to build the ChickaDEE NAture Discovery Area in tribute to their late member Deena Andrus.

pa outdoor corps roof ohiopyle scaled

Ohiopyle State Park

The PA Outdoor Corps, being trained in outdoor and maintenance skills over successive summers, installed new eco-friendly shingles on a few of the restrooms in the Kentuck campground. They'll last for years.

paddle without pollution using dock e1614449939923

Point State Park

The accessible kayak launch at Point State Park was the first of its kind in the parks system. And then Allegheny River flooding tore it from its moorings, never to be seen again. It was definitely used before its loss!

shawnee camphitheater installation rotated e1614447521160

Shawnee State Park

A rainy day greeted the 2016 ribbon-cutting for Shawnee State Park's new amphitheater. The Friends of Shawnee, donor REI, and attendees were not worried.

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