We check our Facebook page and see that nearly 14,000 people “like” us. It makes us feel good because who doesn’t like to think that many people think they’re cool? So we’re not Rihanna or even Pool Supply World but it’s a respectable number for an important mission.

Today, we need every single one of you lovely 14,000 to share one of our #SaveOurParkandForests #PABudget #Pennsylvania posts because it’s getting serious in Harrisburg. There is power in numbers and for every post you share we increase our chances of reaching the elected officials who are making the decisions that affect us all so much. Share the Facebook page; share the Save Our Parks and Forests blog posts. Spread the love.

Just look! There’s a little button down there at the bottom of this very post that will let you share it to Facebook or Twitter or email it to that special someone.


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