Camp Hill, PA – The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF) set out to learn about the health and experience of a quiet environment. “The Role of Quiet” video explores the science of how sounds affect us, the benefits to our mental health, and tips for making the most out of visits submerged in nature.

In the video, Peter Newman, Pennsylvania State University Martin Professor and Head of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management talks about his findings as he researched and conducted studies, looking at sounds from people, wildlife, and daily life sounds from phones, vehicles, and surrounding agriculture.

“If [being exposed to stress] happens too frequently or for too long, we can start to become exhausted. And that is where we can benefit from active attempts to find relaxation or recovery,” said Joshua Smyth, Professor of Biobehavioral Health at the Pennsylvania State University. “Moments in nature, serenity, calm — all those things shift us back towards relaxation and restoration.”

Luckily, in Pennsylvania, there are 124 state parks and 2.2 million acres of public land across 20 forest districts that everyone can assess when seeking out places to benefit from time spent in nature. Seth Cassell, Director of the Bureau of Forestry for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources states, “some of the best places in Pennsylvania to enjoy quiet areas are in our state forest systems.” He goes on to talk about noticing the absolute silence when exploring the Tiadaghton State Forest as a youth with his father and how it felt like he could hear the passage of time.

Additionally, the video goes on to talk about ways you can help reduce noise for everyone’s benefit. These tips will help enhance yours and others experience in the outdoors.

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“The Role of Quiet” Video Explores the Benefits of Nature and Silence