The commonwealth budget under consideration for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources – the department chiefly responsible for conserving and maintaining our resources “for the benefit of all people” – is potentially quite detrimental to our state parks and forests. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED on behalf of these public lands and the people to whom they have been entrusted.

On Thursday, June 7, the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation formally sent our objections to H.B. 218 (the “house budget bill”) outlining the many ways it continues a pattern of promoting a critical funding shortfall for a system that provides recreational, economic, health, and environmental benefits to every citizen of Pennsylvania.

See President Marci’s letter in full here.

For additional details, also see Secretary Dunn’s letter to the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

Visit our Save our Parks and Forests page to get involved now. #SaveOurParksandForests #Pennsylvania #PAbudget

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Why is the budget under H.B. 218 NOT good for Pennsylvania’s parks and forests?