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Most people in 2021 stay inside and play video games, watch tv, etc. They could be doing many other things like spending time in nature.

You could be taking a nature walk looking for certain kind of herbs. Instead of wasting money to buy fruits and vegetables you can grow your own and you could even sell them for a living. You could be a naturalist and study nature for a living.

It is healthy for your immune system.

There are great national parks to go to and see great sights like Yellowstone National Park. There are great local places. What we call “White Clay Creek” is another good one. I was there with my family. We got samples of clay and swam in the water after hiking for about 30 minutes to get there. And there are great Pennsylvania state parks.

There are 121 state parks in Pennsylvania. Pine Grove Furnace State Park has beautiful views. I know because I have been there with my Grandma to go hiking. Ohiopyle is a good one too.

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Those are just a few state parks you could consider going to. Very scenic and not a waste of time. Beautiful memories to have with family and loved ones.

Go to to learn about state parks and to learn how to help save them.

– Aleena Howard Mohr

At the time she wrote this piece, Aleena is 11 years old and is obviously a very intelligent young lady. The photograph was taken at the top of the Pole Steeple Trail in Pine Grove Furnace State Park by her proud grandmother, Bernadette Howard, our PPFF bookkeeper. We think maybe Aleena got her brains from Grandma!

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Why It’s Good to Spend Time Outdoors