I am a Yoga instructor who believes we have a blessing in our PA state parks, forests and game lands: breathing fresh air, moving in ways that are safe and accessible for most, celebrating and respecting Nature, being with others in a beautiful and pleasant environment, creating community.  This note is to encourage folks to visit their state park and encourage other yoga instructors to provide their gift of Yoga at their local PA state park. 

I’ve taught “Yoga on the Beach”, affectionately referred to as YOB at Canoe Creek State Park, for approximately 10 years.  My participants’ feedback is full of gratitude and pleasure.  We include meditation, breath awareness, movement, humor, fun and relaxation. We do this all while acknowledging and celebrating the many gifts of Nature and the Park. And, yoga participants’ voluntary contributions are donated back to our Friends group with my local state park.  

We specifically design yoga classes that are simple, mindful and safe on slightly uneven ground. Our eldest participant is 100 years old!!!  Folks with mobility supports have joined in as well, since our location is handicapped accessible. There are picnic tables and trees handy for those who cannot get down or up from the ground or need help with balance. 

We don’t teach in the sand beach at Canoe Creek State Park, as it is more likely for folks to injure themselves. [Though we can see the beach from our spots]. Those wanting a more challenging practice, are welcome to build it in themselves. 

Folks get excited if birds or critters join us.  Families bring children to participate or play in the playground adjacent to where we are practicing yoga.  Some of the youngins (I’m from PA) run back and forth while everyone seems to enjoy their zest for life!!!

Come find the blessing of your local state park and Yoga together!

As told to Danielle Fitch, by Sharon Green of Bloom Yoga

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Yoga on the Beach