Art. Beer. Stewardship. That’s the idea between New Trail Brewing Company‘s Pennsylvania state park series. With cans designed to salute the parks each limited edition release supports and proceeds from the sale of each going directly to the park it represents, it’s a delicious partnership all the way around.

And if you have a copy of the Pennsylvania State Parks & State Forests Passport, there’s a passport-sized sticker you can get to commemorate your consumption. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the PPFF office noting the sticker you need:

PPFF/New Trail Sticker
704 Lisburn Road
Suite 102
Camp Hill, PA 17011

No release lasts long so get them while they’re cold! (But remember, the work each supports goes on after the beer is gone.) Click each widget pic to find out more to join the cause celebrated.

2024 homerosky pavilion

Ohiopyle State Park

Halfway between Confluence and Ohiopyle, this new pavilion along the Great Allegheny Passage offers shelter and a great place to take a break for cyclists (and walkers) along the GAP. Your donation will support additional amenities like picnic tables and other seating, as well as some landscaping and - OF COURSE, trees!

2023 french creek

French Creek State Park

The French Creek State Park brew supports ongoing efforts to restore the CCC buildings at the park. Nice way to raise a roof (and some walls)!

Bald Eagle State Park

The park may be named "Bald Eagle" but the fundraiser supported by this brew is restoration of ruffed grouse habitat in the similarly-named Bald Eagle State Forest next door. Hey, it IS the state bird - and needs all the help it can get!

Replenish IPA

The New Trail beer that never goes away! A substantial portion of sales from this special concoction go into a special tree planting fund. Help New Trail and the Foundation replenish Penn's Woods! Find out more about the project through a visit to the NTBC website.

washcross can

Washington Crossing Historic Park

George Washington and his revolutionary soldiers famously crossed a freezing Delaware River on Christmas 1776. It shouldn't be that hard to cross from the park's parking lot to the visitors center! You can help make THIS crossing much easier with your purchase that will help fund a much needed ADA walkway.

new trail hazy india pale ale

Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park which juts out into Lake Erie is PA's only surf beach. Experience fantastic sunsets over the water, go sightseeing from a boat, take in a concert or go ice fishing in the winter. Presque Isle is also known for its biological diversity, but some of its inhabitants need conservation. The Piping Plover is a shorebird that once lived here in large numbers, but habitat destruction has made them Near Threatened. A portion of proceeds from this beer will go directly to dune restoration, where the Piping Plover makes its home. Presque Isle is the most visited State Park in PA, making sand dune restoration all the more necessary.

Hyner View State Park

There are lots of trees at Hyner View (and surrounding hills) and you'll see many of them when you participate in the Hyner Trail Challenge in April. Your purchase will help plant more. So will your donation to the Year of the Trees!

Hickory Run State Park

The iconic boulder field at Hickory Run State Park is a National Natural Landmark, a relic from 20,000 years ago and the Wisconsin Glacial Period. Yet some feel compelled to use the boulder field as an outlet for the vandalism known as graffiti. Proceeds from the sale of this special brew will help fund efforts to keep the boulders graffiti free. Find out more with a click.

Cook Forest State Park

Eradication of the hemlock woolly adelgid is the focus here. The big trees are a symbol of the park; the "bug" wants nothing more to destroy them. Support the effort to eradicate the HWA with your online contribution to the fund that helps to purchase the supplies needed in the fight. Find out more with a click to the pic.

Cherry Springs State Park

Dark skies. Dark, smooth beer. The Cherry Springs Dark Sky Association works to preserve the skies and your donation can help make their projects possible. Click to donate.

Worlds End State Park

A small park in a large forest, Worlds End consistently appears on lists of "my favorite park." Make it yours and support with your click the efforts of the Friends of Worlds End. The park is definitely at the top of their favorites lists!

Keystone State Park

The first beer in the series, Keystone IS, after all, the symbol of Pennsylvania! Help meet the needs of the park with a contribution to their fund with a click to the picture.

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