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See Them All Challenge

Some things just lend themselves to a challenge. People climb mountains “because they’re there.” They visit all 50 states or read the 100 best novels or eat 10 hot dogs at one sitting because it’s county fair time. Our Pennsylvania State Parks & State Forests Passport offers the same — and certainly more healthy — kind of natural challenge.

There are 121 state parks and 20 state forest districts – each with its own special draw. And the Passport has a little box next to the name of each and every one that you can have stamped at the park or forest office or simply record the date (and your own memory or photograph) of your visit. (If you have an older Passport and are missing Park #121, download and print this small insert for Washington Crossing Historic Park. It will print on an Avery 5163 label and fits nicely onto page 116 after Yellow Creek State Park.)

champion tags

Submitting a form contained in the book that you, for example, visited 10 scenic views and vistas or 10 CCC parks, that you participated in 10 environmental education programs or paddled 10 streams or lakes will garner you one of our “champion tags” to hang on your backpack. If you don’t want to cut up your Passport, download a champion tag form right here.

Or you could take on the ultimate challenge and visit each and every one of those parks and forests. From tiny treasures like McCalls Dam State Park to the gigantic lake at Pymatuning State Park, from the highest point in Pennsylvania in the Forbes State Forest to the Delaware State Forest’s Pine Lake Natural Area just think of the adventures you’ll have.

If you’d like a little taste of what to expect check out the video slide show of each state park prepared by DCNR retiree Kenneth Brubaker with help from DCNR.

NEW in 2018! Just in to the PPFF office – our Seen ’em All wearable checklist to commemorate your achievement. Be in touch with us with your stories of adventure from your travels and we’ll reward you with one of your very own.

And we would dearly love to share your photographs, stories, favorite memories. Join the Passport Hall of Fame! Here’s just a few we know about. If we’ve missed you, let us know!